Buy DIY long red, pink, cream, white, black cocoon cardigan pattern style now. It is a relaxed style at the waist, but with a bit of chest and hips that create a friendly but comfortable silhouette. The sleeves are in bat style, and the lower sleeves are narrower but still a little more casual and can easily fold. The Merona plus size knit cocoon sweater cardigan sewing pattern style is very trendy, easy to dress up or dress up! This pattern complements knitted sweaters, viscose spandex, viscose blended terry, or other knitted fabrics with a softer drape. Chunky women’s oversized cocoon cardigan open front offers almost endless possibilities!

The navy long and short sleeve coco cocoon cardigan shorts look great with a dress, and a tunic with jeans or leggings is also great. Both include short belts and high belts. The high waist gives a shawl collar effect. The sleeve length consists of a short version (hem and strapping), 3/4, extended version (hem, short strapping, or top). We also added two different bag styles! This cotton heather by Bordeaux cocoon shawl cardigan is equipped with inner seams or patch pockets and is the perfect flagship in your wardrobe!

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