Cashmere is precious and difficult to make; it is the lightest natural wool. Unlike other natural fibers, cashmere wool creates a unique feeling of nature and health for the skin.

It only obtained from goat wool. Specifically, it is the wool of the undercoat, the area closest to the goatskin. Contrary to popular belief, the undercoat does not come from the underside of the goat’s belly. The specific area that this unique fiber made in is the middle or back. Some can harvested from the neck, but this area provides the lowest quality wool fibers.

There is no better protection against the winter cold than regular wool because cashmere is eight times warmer than standard wool. Cashmere is also very suitable for spring. Since it is very soft, you don’t need to put another shirt underneath, so you don’t risk overheating. It makes sense to switch from a suit jacket to a fine, comfortable cashmere jacket on cold nights in summer.

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